Are you getting ready for a grand wedding.  Big weddings needs planning and lot of  activities are involved.   We have created a worksheet for organizing the wedding and related events.  The worksheet is prepared for Indian Weddings.  You can modify this worksheet with additional tasks and you can print it.  This will help you in planning and organizing.

Download Worksheet


Wedding Planner – Event Management


  • Schedule Events and dates – Engagement, Wedding, Reception
  • Estimate the budget
  • Select Locations
  • Select Venues
  • Estimate the number of guests
  • Select Wedding Card Design and Print
  • Draft Guest list and Key contact list
  • Select Priest
  • Select Chief Guest
  • Select Wedding Photographers
  • Select Candid  Wedding Photographers etc.


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The worksheet can calculate Budget for these activities.

Download Indian wedding budget Calculator PDF

Download Wedding planner PDF

Download Worksheet


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