Wedding Photography is using some of the most popular trends in technology.  Social Media Integration, Live Streaming, High Definition Video, Photo booth, Hashtag for marriage, small sized videos for youtube and whatsapp are new trends which are being used in recent weddings.

Drones for Aerial View Photos and Video

Drones fitted with a high-definition cameras is used to capture the aerial view of wedding events.  Drone cameras require high ceiling (50 feet height)  or open spaces for aerial view photos.  Hotel lawns, temple premises, marriage processions etc. could be some of the suitable locations for aerial photography.  Giri Stills uses drones for photography and video with where permitted.


Photo Booth with Social Media Integration

Earlier, a photo booth meant a kiosk or small closed place designed to seat people for pre paid photographs.  But nowadays photo booth means a place with attractive backgrounds where the guests and other members of the family pose for the camera.  Giri Stills can offer custom made booths, Giant Oversized Frames, carefully selected backdrops and props specially designed for your marriage.  Live feed can be provided for your event page with your wedding hashtag.

Special camera integrated with social media also shares small sized professional quality raw and Live video in you tube.   People can share it on whatsapp like applications.

Hashtag for Wedding

Create a custom wedding hashtag. Ask your guests to share the photos from their phones with hashtag of your wedding.  Hence you can collect all your wedding photos from different perspective in instagram, twitter or facebook.


Pre-wedding Candid photography

Pre-wedding candid photography is a new trend people asks for it.  Our photographers are asked and permitted to  follow the couple secretly in pre scheduled place and time to catch the candid moments.  Some couples gives various locations with fixed schedule we visit surprisingly shoot for pre-wedding candid photography.


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