Toe Ring is an ornament worn by married women in India.  Toe ring is called as Metti in Tamil,  minji in Malayalam, Mettelu in Telugu, Kaalungura in Kannada.  Generally toe rings are made in silver.   In India, wearing of Toe Ring indicates the woman is married.

Toe Ring Wearing Rituals in Hindu Wedding

Toe ring wearing ritual is a part of Hindu wedding ceremony.  The bride places her foot on a grinding stone (‘ammi kal’ in Tamil) and the groom places silver toe rings on his brides feet symbolizing that henceforth he will look after and protect her. The grinding stone signifies that the couples union will be as firm and steadfast.

wedding photographers in chennai - toe ring wearing ceremony


Which foot do you wear a toe ring on?

Many people find that the most comfortable toe is the second toe (right next to the big toe). We can almost guarantee a comfortable fit on that toe. We also have many clients that wear them on other toes. A: Everyone’s feet swell at some point during the day.


wedding photographers in chennai - toe ring wearing ceremony

Benefits to wear toe rings.

  • Toe rings are worn for a scientific reason, acupressure points in the second toes of our feet.  A nerve connects the uterus and passes through heart. Because of this, the reflexology effect caused and it revitalizes the reproductive system.
  • Silver is  good conductor, it absorbs the energy from the polar energies from the earth and passes it to the body, thus refreshing whole body system.
  • It indicates that the woman wearing Toe Rings is married.
  • Designer Toe rings are worn all over world for fashion.

wedding photographers in chennai - toe ring wearing ceremony

In their Precious day, toe ring is wear by groom to the bride. Wow……It is a Most unforgettable moment in all our life. Toe ring should be only in Silver not in Gold because in our Indian Culture we respect a gold as a God of Lakshmi. So it is good to have a Silver Metal in Body.

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