Story of Love Love and continuous Love!

Our story is all about LOVE LOVE LOVE!…

Hurray!… Sounds pretty good to hear ours is a LOVE and ARRANGED MARRIAGE.

My heart is filled with joy and immense pleasure that couldn’t be measured he is the main reason how this all concluded successfully and happily. Also as a sister, I could not find a way to thank her and  it would be a sin if I did that to express my gratitude and happiness for the huge thing she did for me. I could just thank the god for giving me such a sister. I can never forget how everything happened. Every incident that had happened till now is still in my eyes.

He used to be a smart and handsome guy in the office. He was like a magnet like dragging all the women’s eyes towards him with his charming face, great helping attitude brewed with kindness, respect and intelligence. For I was another soul working in another team(sadly), had enough issues to handle with and no time to fall for any guy. I have seen many guys from my college days and even got some proposals, but was not much interested.

I was much focused on my dream to uplift my family and give a peaceful life to my parents than they could imagine, also give the life that my lovely sister dream of becoming a doctor. As my life went on, the same attitude continued in me and the feeling for yearning of a male’s attention.

Love came stealthily into my mind as I saw my best friends getting married to the guy they fell in love with or how the others had a beautiful love life after their marriage. I still am struggling hard to find how he stole my heart from me. We met at my friend’s wedding and that’s where a friend of mine introduced him as her colleague. I lent my hand for a shake but he, with respect greeted me with a traditional ??????? with his hands together without shaking the hands of a woman whom he doesn’t know. I don’t know but it made a small impact in me. He spoke well with complimenting for my choice of saree and jewelry with few words, words enough to impress any.

Later we all had some fun teasing the couple and he was quite a man more than to be said as hilarious. From then my eyes were glued on him and I had some situations where we met at some random situations at some gatherings or any occasions. My interest started to grow until it became a crush.

After  a few days, tired of loving him from my side without knowing his intentions, I poured all my emotions to him. He gave me a positive answer after taking a day to approve my request for his heart. Then we hangout together to know each other well. But the worst part started after we discussed about out love for each other to each other’s parents and got back denial from both the sides. He made all the efforts and convinced his parents for the marriage and I myself got my father on my side after some efforts but it was my mother standing in between me and my life.

We waited patiently for 4 years evading all the proposals that came by our way. It was the time when my sister had completed her BE degree and awaiting to pursue a higher degree. She jumped in and pleaded our mother and made all her efforts to help me. Then she took the winning shot by Put forth the point that she will and can get married only if I get married and made my mother to give in for my engagement. I knew my love over her could never go near the love she had over me as her elder sister.

The marriage was over and my heart was overflowing with joy and immense happiness as like I had won this entire world single handedly. I had a big smile on my lips and tears of joy flowed down my cheeks to accompany the smile. I saw my sister ran over to her like a pet dog running at his owner and hugged her. My eyes didn’t stop to show my happiness and gratitude for what she had done for me. She gently took me from her shoulders and wiped my tears with a kerchief. I gave her a kiss of gratitude and again hugged her unable to control my happiness and thanking her with all the possible words I could find.

She patiently told me, “hey sis I did what you loved, and if I start to thank you for what you did, this lifetime or even another one life won’t be enough. Stop thanking me and repay your gratitude to me by not loosing that smile from your face and giving me a beautiful niece, like you to trouble me with naughtiness”. This is how our journey begins. So this story is coming to an end now.

Hurrahhhh,.. I know our love started before few years, but still I’m getting excited towards him. At last marriage fixed, and then we started to search things like photography, beautician, decor, Wedding Saree,… By that time I got giri stills contact from one of my friend. Omg believe me he is the best photographer in Coimbatore.  I’m feeling pretty good to share my love story with Giri Stills.

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