The day had finally come, I was standing in the living room in a pale maroon saree, waiting for the groom and his family to arrive. The groom was a good guy and nothing’s wrong with him, but I had no intention to get married at that time. They had arrived and I was not willing to see them and still maintained the frown on my face. My mother gave a tap on my shoulder and asked me to smile and welcome them in, for which I replied her with a frown to show my anger.

Then in a second my face brightened and I decorated it with a smile and welcomed them in. I asked them to be seated and went in the get some coffee for the guests. My friends had already made 6 cups of coffee and teased me as I entered the kitchen. I took the tray with those cups of coffee and told my friends with a smile “Wait, my time will come” and left to the living room to serve me guests.

I served coffee to his parents and then to the guy. I was cursing my fate in my mind  till then for what is happening. Then he thanked me for the coffee and he took it from the tray. Then I lifted my head to look at him, at that very moment I stop cursing my fate and my brain suddenly became blank. There was nothing running on my mind, but I replied his thank you with an unknown smile. I served the marriage assembler and my parents with the remaining 3 cups of coffee and was on my way to the kitchen to return the coffee tray.

I did not know why but out of my conscience I turned my head back to steal another glance of the guys face.  He was talking with those seated near him, suddenly someone near me asked the groom some question. As he lifted his head, I saw his eyes and before his complete face came up, my head turned in a flash with a smile and a shy feeling. I tried my best but could not control the smile, even tried scolding me ” You stupid!! You don’t wanna get-“, before even complete me scolding myself, the smile and the shy feeling took over and my anger vanished like  a camphor would dissolve in thin air.

The groom looked handsome and was seated with a confident stance. I wondered “He didn’t seem good looking in the photograph”. My friend got the coffee tray from me and teased me by asking “groom looks handsome and do you like him?”. I pushed her away and turned towards the groom with my head facing the floor. I slowly lifted my head and rolled my eyeballs up to get a secret glance of his face and as I found his eyes were on me and hung my head down in shyness.

Then the engagement was done and my marriage was in 20days. As soon as I heard that, I got an impatient feeling in me unable to wait so long. Then I was lying on my bed  pondering over what happened few minutes ago at the living room, after they had left. I still could not control the smile on my face. Then we went out  and had some private time to get to know each other.

Everyday, he had some surprise under his sleeves to left me frozen in surprise. The night before the  marriage, he gave me a romantic moonlight dinner where I completely fell for him. He took me to the lawn with my eyes covered and when I opened me eyes, I saw there were no lights and the entire dinner table and the surrounding area was lighted up and decorated with a number of candles. I was already at the brink of falling for him and after I saw this, I fell for him. He was guys with a wonderful sense of humor and we were joking and having our dinner.

Suddenly I woke up front he dream, I realized where I was, seated near the groom on the marriage stage. He asked with a smile “What happened?. I shook my head sideways with an innocent smile on my face and heard the priest say “கெட்டிமேளம் கெட்டிமேளம்” and that’s where I became his wife with the blessing of the gods, parents and family members.

After all the ceremony were done, we were standing in my room with my bed decorated with flowers and the love of my life seated on the bed. I stood there in front of him, looking at him with a glass of milk. After both of us consuming our share of milk we both seated on the bed and I looked at him with a smile of shyness and he shook his head up asking ‘what?’, I asked him “You idiot, you thief, what took you so long? Why did you make wait so long and came in my life so late?”. That’s where my sweet romantic life started with my Romeo.

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