Wedding Film is a video production that documents a wedding on video.  This is also called as Cinematic Wedding Video. The term Cinematic  is defined as making a movie or film. The cinematic wedding video captured and edited with the dramatic effect and mood. The wedding  video is edited with special effects, transition, sound, music to produce the final video.  This videos are commonly called a wedding videos or a wedding film.  It is usually presented with a particular style and “wow” effect that may not be present in a “mere documentary” of the event.

Wedding Film Vs Traditional Wedding Video

The wedding film is different from the traditional wedding video in several ways. The wedding cameramen and crews shoots the pre-ceremony events, the entire ceremony, the formal photo shoot, and the traditional reception events. The difference between a wedding film and a traditional wedding video occurs during the editing process. The traditional wedding video includes all of the footage, usually in chronological order. The wedding film need not include all of the footage and may not in chronological order.

Wedding Film Teaser

Here we are proudly share the Wedding film teaser of  Manohar and Manju.  We congratulate and wishes all the best for couples.


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