My mind was filled with the eagerness and energy to explore the land after I set foot at the Land of the Aborigines, my heart was jumping in happiness just as a Kangaroo. Though I had lot of memories to fill my mind with joy and happiness, the nostalgia takes me to one certain part where I met my Juliet and where our fates intertwined.

The excitement continued with my work over there, there where lot of peopleĀ I had to meet at my time there, one sweet lady among the group caught my eye. She was like Benzaiten, the Japanese goddess of live, with those beautiful fish like eyes, she gradually stole my heart. It was not long before she fell for me and we together started to swim in the sea of love.

Time drifted as beautiful stream of water, and we exchanged rings with smiles adorning our lips. Then as per her wish I tied the knots with the blessings of my parents and family at my hometown. Every time I look at her, I feel that God giving me a single heart was not enough, as mine was no way enough to hold all the happiness and joy for the gift he gave me.


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