Wedding Photography technology is so much advanced now and we use High Definition (HD) quality camera for photography and video shoot.  These HD quality pictures especially close shots gives a lot of details.

The objective of make up is to highlight the beauty and hide the flaws of a person.  The make up artists shows the makeup as real beauty.    Makeup mistakes could reduce the beauty of  wedding photography.  Many time our digital artists does the work of make up artists in post production work.

If a little care is  taken to avoid the following mistakes.

  • Not Looking Like Yourself
  • Not Booking a Makeup Trial from a Professional
  • No makeup for hands and visible body
  • Not Retouching.  Always keep retouch up kit when you leave makeup room.
  • Applying blush like a clown
  • Smudged lipsticks
  • Clumpy Eyelashes
  • Asymmetrical eyeliner

Have a perfect makeup and look great in your big day photos.

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