A simple checklist for selection of Wedding Photographer:


post wedding photography in sri lanka

When choosing a professional wedding photographer, one thing you may want to consider is their style of photography. Choose a photographer, who has an innovative approach to photography! Spice up your wedding memories with eye-catching candid wedding photography.


The team of photographers needs to be divided into two teams to cover the event as well as candid photography.  One team shoots formal shots to photograph all the guests and memorable events.  Candid photography team will   get casual and beautiful moments.  So the team should be big enough with experienced photographers for better results.



The photographers should have experience in variety of projects such as Wedding Photography, Candid Photography,  portrait photography and kids portraits.  More  years experience of  photographers have experience and reputation.   You cannot risk your lifetime event with inexperienced photographers.


41The photographers should equip good quality cameras, powerful lenses, chopper cams, slide cams, and glide cams to name a few.  This helps to capture experienced to produce best photographs of your events.

Post Production Team

Post Production Team is story tellers. “The clicks will be a visual treat because of extremely creative post production team”,. Their albums should like magazines, it should catch anybody’s eye and the final images after the post production process should be aesthetic compositions.  So check a photo album of photographers to ensure that you have selected right Photographers.


Giri stills is preferred photographers because of above facts.

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