Behind the Scene – Part 1

It was a usual Friday afternoon and I was in my office busy checking sure if all the incentives were paid correctly to the workers. I lifted my head up on hearing the words, “Akka! tea”. It was Joseph, placing my cup of tea, I had asked him for. He was an active young lad in his mid-teens. I thanked for bringing my cup of tea and searched my purse for a 10 rupees, just got a 50 rupees and handed it over to him. He replied with a disappointed face, “Sorry akka, sillarai illa”, “meedhiya neeye vechuko, poi enjoy pannu da”. I was happy seeing him thank me with delighted face, I returned to my work rechecking the records and closing all the records for the end of the week.

I completed my work and as I was arranging my table, I saw Mahesh enter my room, inquiring me about my weekend plans. Then we just had a casual talk for a minute or two and he bid adieu as he heard my phone ringing. I waved him a goodbye, as I was attending the call I received. I t was from the customer care about some offers, I terminated the call with frustration and came out of my room, zipping my handbag. I went towards the water dispenser as I reached the ground floor and had a gulp of water, I met  as I started towards the door. He asked about my weekend plans, I just gave him a blank reply and asked for his, he was saying his plans and invited me for a dinner on Sunday, but I politely declined his invitation, saying that I needed hell lotta rest after the week’s work. He knew how arduous it was and parted his way to his bike with a good bye and I got on my scooter wearing my helmet. Typical Friday evening, it took some more time than the usual to reach my home driving through the Friday evening traffic, every pitiful soul going home to cool down their engines for the weekend.

I reached home after a painful ride in that traffic. I parked my scooter and entered my home leaving my footwear outside. I was so freakishly tired, just threw my bag and helmet on the floor and fell on the couch like a corpse. My face started to shrink with a frown as I was hearing some voice shouting at me from the kitchen. She was scolding me for throwing my stuff on the floor, with a sigh of pain and tiredness, I just blurted out, “Ada po ma”. I did not have the energy or patience to hear what she was saying, everything what she was saying was like in Urdu, didn’t even care.

With an anger I rose up and took my stuff and went into my room climbing the stairs, placed them on my table and fell on my bed. I let my body cool down, had a bath and saw my cousin sister coming in with a bag with something in it.

I asked her. “oye bag la ennathu?”, she put up a smile on his face and replied, “Office pakkathila bonda bajji super ah irrukum, so unaku konjam vaangittu vanden ma, aama innaikku office eppadi?”. As soon as she asked my about my day, I heard my mother’s voice from the kitchen, “Aama avalukku idhu onnu thaan kedu, ava ippadi irrukarathu neenga thaan karanam”, she added, “Ada vidu ma”, with a smirk of laughter. I took away the entire bag frowning at my mother. As I was leaving the dining table with the entire bag, I asked my sister, ” unaku?”, “Naan saapitittu thaan appadiye unakum vaangittu vanthirukken, nee saapidu”. She again continued as I turned towards the stairs’ “Hey amma ku konjam vei”, I turned back with a frown and asked him sarcastically, “Edhukku? idha saapittu themba enna thittava? Ada po pa nee vera”. My mom got kinda angry and started towards me saying, “Ivala…”, She mumbled on her way to the kitchen, sarcastically, “Aama pollatha velai….”

I went and fell on the couch and unwrapped the bag of snacks my sister had bought for me. I was having a bonda from those he got for me with blank mind, and all of a sudden Mahesh and Karthi came into my mind. There were lot of men working in the office I was working, but those two were much concerned in getting into my friends circle and later becoming my besties or like a BFF. I find their activity sometimes weird and sometimes funny. The part when they share their professional and personal happenings with me, is where I feel kinda awkward. Karthi maintained a professional decorum, but I didn’t get that feeling with Mahesh, coz he was a bit childish. He didn’t concentrate much on his work, on the other hand, Karthi was sharp and very good at his tasks with a motive to prove himself professionally active and maintain a good reputation and with also to show that Mahesh was a bit dull.

His acts clearly showed me that he was near the line of desperation in getting my attention and grab my heart by impressing me, but I was just observing them for what they were doing. I was working in the account department and was in charge of settling all the incentives to other employees. I observed that Mahesh was getting lesser incentives than his friend Karthi, I didn’t know why but felt pity on that fellow and Motivated him like If he concentrated more on his tasks and, gets more things going on and gets some more clients, I will gift him something like sweets or something. As the time flew by we had some conversations most of the time. These chats and calls made us more closer, an things went well as I expected.

In a month’s time, he did great and he had topped all others on business in our office. Then he gifted me to pay me his gratitude in helping him by motivating him to work hard. It was weird and I didn’t know why but I was so happy like flying in the cloud, like it was my cloud nine situation. Then later, he had asked me out to visit a temple with him on his birthday. I was in a sea of thoughts, and later accepted his invitation with hesitation. The day had arrived, his birthday, we went to Ramar Kovil, Ram Nagar together and had some peaceful time at the temple, enjoying the temple climate for sometime, with small chit chats.

His birthday was on February 13th, the day before the valentine’s day. I saw his entire face was lit up   and filled up with delight, I didn’t know whether it was for his birthday or having me as his company. I didn’t think much about it, or rather couldn’t. He then had a weird and crazy look on his face and I questioned the reason for his facial expression. He said, “Today is Feb 13th and tomorrow is Valentine’s day, so……..”, he dragged and I asked him, “So what?…”, with a serious face. “What would…”, he cleared his throat, “What would you do if I propose my love to you tomorrow?”. She lifted her right eyebrow, making it look like sickle and replied with a serious tone, “I would really slap you”.
If you want to know our remaining story please read our part – II.

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