The situation was like standing on a land mine, was looking at her waiting for her answer. I was carefully watching her actions without blinking my eye, just like a Cheetah stalking at its prey behind a bush. She knew Mahesh well enough and the some minutes thinking about her answer, I was tensed like I could hear my every heart beat and feel the blood rushing into my eyeballs. The with some if’s and buts, she calmly replied, “If that’s what the almighty wishes to happen, who am I to change it, let the things go by the way he wishes to go”.

I was again in the zenith of my joy. Found it very hard to control my happiness, I wanted to shout and dance in that bliss, but I don’t want anyone to see me crazy, so I composed myself. Time drifted so fast, like 7 years flew away and everyday was Valentine’s day for us. We had usual visits from our relatives (aka) Human Naradhars, with are responsible for making all confusions and spoiling our peace of mind. Many of them came with proposal for me, but my mother managed to use my horoscope as a reason to drive them away. There is always some reason standing as a barricade stopping the good and happy things from happening in my life. The reason was his elder brother being single still. Unable to bear the 7 year pause, my Romeo broke the silence at his home, and to our good luck, his family was very well ok with me having in their family, but again the community stood as a barricade there. But my witty Romeo, used his criminal brain to convince his family and also gave the assurance to my family and promised them that he will keep me happy till his last breath. Then they were some happy to hear that and we’re very happy on our marriage. Then came the next barrier in the form of horoscope.

Since Jupiter would be transcending into next house sooner, if I don’t get married by July ’16, or else I would be needed to wait for a freaking long time to get married. I realized, that it’s worthless trusting humans anymore, so I decided to level the decision again in the hands on the almighty. But Lord Krishna never let’s me down, Mahesh told his brother about our horoscope paroblem and he with no further thoughts, helped us by convincing his side for our marriage. Even a zillions of Thank you would seem like a speck of dust to show my gratitude for the help he has done for us. Then I thought about what he did, but I could see it was selfish, where we were much concerned on getting our things done for our marriage, with no thoughts about others. Then our families decided to meet at Eachanaari Vinayagar Temple for fixing a marriage. Then on April 6th we went to Chennai Silk and Sri Devi silks to choose, and bought some unique and beautiful silk saree for me and before purchasing other things we fixed Giri Stills for our wedding Photography.  Later our engagement took place at the banquet hall near the collectorate on April 11th. My dear idiot who stole my heart, tied the knots at guruvayur, and we were married with the blessings of my dear Lord Krishna. Later we hosted a reception a SNR Auditorium to rejoice the event of  our marriage of June 10th. Anyways we did not miss the last minute tensions, hurry berry tasks, friends playing us, advices from elders, jealous looks from my relatives,…etc. But anyways everyone stood together to make this event more special and memorable. But it was my dear Romeo and other friends who help us make our marriage a festival. After marriage everytime we pass by the Guava tree, he blames I for where I all started and always says that he should cut it down.

My granny was another important person I my love story who first discovered my love affair from the look in my eyes and also wished me that I will always have her blessings for his married life. But one things that I still regret is her not with right now to see me like happily. I prayed for my living story to have a happy ending but, my dear Krishna, gave me a more exciting ending to my story, with his own ways. Even I am a lot more thankful to him for what he has given to me, but I feel that I would be insulting him, the devotion I have on him and what he did for me. so I wish for him to be born as me child so I could be his mother to repay my debt.

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