Aarthi is a ritual performed in Indian Wedding.  Aarthi is perfromed to welcome bride and bridegroom. Aarti can be an expression of many things including love, benevolence, gratitude, prayers, or desires etc..

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How Aarathi is prepared?

The aarti plate is generally made of metal, usually silver, bronze or copper. Decorated Aarathi Plates are used  to perform Aarathi in Wedding. Aarathi is prepared in a plate of water with turmeric and limestone paste.  Turmeric and Limestone paste mixture produces red color.  A camphor is lighted and placed in the middle.


How Aarathi is Performed?

The lighted plate is held in both hands and gently waved around the person.  The flame is waved in a clockwise direction.  Then bindhi is put with aarthi water.  The Aarathi is performed by relatives and friends.  The bridegroom generally gift money to the performers of Aarathi.


Why Aarathi is Performed?

The scientific reason is Aarathi removes unhealthy germs on the person.   That is the reason aarathi is performed in the entrance of the venue.   It also believed that Aarahi is performed to ward off the “evil eye” to cleanse the aura (human energy field).



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